California’s Fire Season, Back Again

Southern California residents are affected by wildfires every year.

The East Coast is still experiencing floods, but the weather has been extremely dry out here in Southern California. In fact, yesterday, the Highland Community News reported that over the last week, it’s been very busy for both CAL FIRE and the firefighters throughout the state. ¬†Evidently, there has been a significant increase in sweeping wildfires reported, and even with somewhat cooler temperatures, fires are still tending to start.

Why would this be? Well, humidity levels are very low in most locales, and the heat we’ve been experiencing as of late has killed the moisture from any dense vegetation – creating the typical fire-prone hillsides throughout the state. The danger for fires is still in full force.

Firefighters encourage Orange County and Southern California residents to stay alert and careful, especially during any Labor Day barbecues and parties where sparks can ignite and control can be lost. A simple BBQ or celebration involving candles, fireworks, and sparks of any kind would immediately end should a fire ensue, whether a house fire or a wildfire nearby.

The state of California has quite a bit of resources available that are meant to combat wildfires (now and future). Among these, we have: more than 2,260 firefighters, 135 fire engines, 61 fire crews, 16 helicopters and 10 bulldozers.

We are sad to say that fires will, at some point, affect homes and company properties in Orange County, and we know that there is little so devastating than losing your home or business. Orange County’s Milestone Building Group help get your home up and running, and your business “back in business.” Our knowledge, experience and team talent is unsurpassed, and we are available 24/7. Call now or click here to contact us.

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