Our Condolences to the Victims of Hurricane Irene

Heavy flooding affects roads, homes and businesses.

Fortunately, Hurricane Irene wasn’t everything the media hyped it up to be, but that doesn’t mean East Coast residents were able to escape the brunt of the storm. The death toll has reached 24 and thousands are in shelters. More than 4 million people are without power until further notice.

Vermont has experienced the worst flooding they’ve seen in over one hundred years —although the rain was only as bad as Tropical Storm Doria which hit on the same day in 1971, exactly 40 years ago. The only storm to have caused worse flooding was in 1903, which was simply called the Great Flood.

Governor of Vermont Peter Shumlin stated that although his team prepared for the worst, the state has experienced “extraordinary infrastructure damage,” with hundreds of road closures, communities cut off and the destruction of three known historic bridges. New Jersey also had record highs of flooding, though Irene did not prove as damaging as reports had predicted.

Even though hurricanes don’t typically come through Orange County, many experience floods and property damage from the storms that do hit. Our homes and commercial properties are often less prepared for drastic weather, and so it becomes all the more important to be ready and know who to call when disaster strikes.

What are business owners to do? How can one become “ready” to be put out of business for an indefinite length of time? Of course you cannot operate during a storm or flood, but one must consider the time necessary to repair the damage, which can be both costly and time-consuming. Milestone Building Group has created Emergency Services Plans for just this type of instance. We help you create a strategic plan in order to have as little loss of business as possible. These plans can be created for a number of disasters that you might be susceptible to: floods, fire, mold, etc. Our team at Milestone Building Group has the professional qualifications that commercial projects demand, along with the customer service and knowledge of Orange County that you expect with a small, family-owned business. We do everything to ensure your business is not closed down any more than it possibly has to be.

If you own a home or property, you know how devastating a flood, fire or other natural disaster could be to your health, productivity and earning potential. Call Paul Milestone Building Group and let us help you get back to your life. To find out  more about our services—for residential and commercial properties, for fire, water and smoke restoration—or to get us started restoring your property, call us now. We are available and ready to help day and night.

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