Hurricane Hilary Will Affect Orange County

This is Hilary, and she’s responsible for this weird and grey weather we’re having.

That dense fog along the Southern California coast this morning will probably get worse before it gets any better. It appears that some unstable weather is in our near future, weather that could raise the risk of Orange County wildfires.

The situation could prove very similar to the one from two weeks ago, when crazy thunderstorms and lightning led to fires throughout Southern California. According to the National Weather Service, it’s time again to be cautious.

Thunderstorms are expected today all over the Southland. These storms may create a dangerous mix of dry lightning and gusty winds. What makes these especially dangerous is that this is the prime weather condition for small fires to gain a foothold. Add to that the abundance of hillside vegetation that’s been stripped of moisture over the past week in the heat. The result is not ideal conditions for Southern Californians.

A “Hazardous Weather Outlook” has been directed to most of California, indicating the danger of flash flooding from those thunderstorms.

What’s causing the storms is a low-pressure system coming up from Baja, California named Hurricane Hilary. Hurricane Hilary emerged on Sunday as a broad low-pressure system, moving up to a tropical storm category on Wednesday, and yesterday morning finally got its strength up to the hurricane level, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Although Hurricane Hilary moved away from the Pacific coast of Mexico this morning, forecasts are still predicting that it will hit the Baja peninsula, but probably not till next week. There hasn’t been any damage so far, nor are they forecasting that it will affect Orange County more detrimentally than the thunderstorms today and over the weekend.

Just be on alert for the dry lightning strikes and make sure to call emergency services if you see any fires starting. Make sure your family is aware for their safety, and don’t forget to let your Orange County work associates know.

If your Orange County home or business is affected by either fire or flooding over the weekend, we are here 24/7 to help you. We’ll help get your home or commercial property back to its original state quickly, efficiently and with as little hassle for you as possible.

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