New, Non-Toxic Product Kills Viruses, Bacteria & Mold

Every day Orange County homeowners use cleaners, disinfectants, and bleaches to clean up spills, kids’ messes, animal hair, tracked dirt…the list goes on. But are they making your home safer, or are they leaving something even more toxic than dirt and grime behind?

It turns out that many people in Orange County, both adults and children, find that these mainstream cleaners can irritate their skin, cause allergies, and worsen asthma and other respiratory conditions. We at Milestone Building Group are always looking out for better ways to serve our Orange County customers, safely and efficiently.

That’s why we like US Hygienics’ non-toxic disinfectant called Sanosil, which promises to kill “99.99 percent of viruses, bacteria and molds”.

Sanosil can be used in two ways: it can be sprayed directly on surfaces for domestic usage day to day, or used with a fogging device to clean the air and every surface in an entire room in 10 minutes. Clean from ceiling to floor in 10 minutes? That makes it great for commercial use and for us, when we need to clean an entire Orange County property.

US Hygienics was actually born from a restoration business, FCR LLC, so we like the fact that these people understand our industry and how we work in it. It was their experience that the restoration industry needed more environmentally friendly products to tackle tough jobs, especially those involving mold. Sanosil is now EPA approved, although it was created in Switzerland and has been used in Europe for over 25 years.

Do you need more information on our cleaning and mold remediation processes? Please feel free to give us a call any time, and we will answer any question you have. If you have experienced flood or fire damage, call us and we’ll get a team out to you right away.


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