Southern California Wildfires: Stay on Alert!

Wildfires travel fast, and can cause neighborhoods to be evacuated unexpectedly for residents’ safety.

Wildfires are appearing in large numbers all over Southern California right now, from relatively small, 55-acre fires out in Riverside to over 14,000 acre fires in Kern County.

It is important for residents all over Orange County and the Inland Empire to be particularly careful during the wildfire season. Large expanses of land, homes, and business properties are damaged or threatened every year because of wildfires.

The best way to be safe during a wildfire season is to be knowledgeable about what is going on in your surroundings. Make sure that you:

  • Watch weather reports and the actual weather outside
  • Monitor the tv, radio or internet for news of a fire’s progress
  • Drink water often throughout the day
  • Organize your belongings before you’re in direct danger and pre-pack in case of relocation
  • Dress in protective clothing

If you’re not staying up to date on the fires that are in your neighborhood, you might get home or to work to discover your property in danger of being gobbled up in a wildfire, and your area being evacuated. Homes and businesses alike can be affected, particularly those in the outskirts of populated cities.

Home and business owners must have an evacuation plan in place in order to prepare for everyone’s safety, above all else. Emergency kits should be created and kept near exits to the home or company to make them easy to access during an emergency. There’s no point in making emergency kits that aren’t easily gotten to in the event of a disaster.

Business owners should plan for how the company will continue to operate if a fire affects the office and its equipment and furnishings. Although losing a home due to fire can be crushingly sad, it typically does not impair ability to work and continue earning income. Losing your office building, manufacturing plant or other structure specific to your company’s output, meanwhile, can impair not only your bottom line, but your employees’ ability to earn a living, as well.

Call Milestone Building Group to schedule an appointment to create your strategic plan for your company’s continued operation, even when hit with the worst nature has to offer.

Finally, please remember: wildfires aren’t the only fires that affect homes and businesses. A small electrical fire can grow and destroy your Orange County property in as little as 30 minutes. Milestone Building Group can help pick up the pieces and assist with all of your restoration needs. Just call us toll free, 24/7 or click here to use our online form.

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