Your Belongings May Be Salvageable After a Fire With This New Technology

This teddy doesn’t just need a brand new bow, he needs a deep clean. And now he can be as good as new with new technology!

When your Orange County home is damaged by fire or flood, the damage extends beyond just the walls and the ceilings. Losing treasured items in the home can be much more difficult to come to terms with, especially for children. How do you tell your son or daughter that their favorite stuffed animal is unable to be salvaged? What about your wedding dress that you were saving for your daughter’s big day?

While this new technology isn’t a magic wand for seemingly ruined “soft contents” (including clothing, linens, or other items that include textiles), many items can now be cleaned and restored back to pre-flood or fire condition.

That, in itself, is phenomenal. Many, many people have seen their belongings completely ruined by fire, soot, smoke, and other contaminants and believe nothing can be done. But an innovative option is provided in the September 2011 issue of Claims magazine, in an article authored by Tracy Bachtell.

In the article, Bachtell says that “the Esporta wash system is one such example of technology that is, by some measures, radically changing the rules of the soft contents restoration game.” It might be the best advancement of late that enables insurance companies to improve their standards by having to adapt to the increasingly higher expectations of their customers.

The article contains a good deal of industry-specify jargon that most property owners don’t need to know. Really, all you need to know is that Milestone Building Group can use this new technology to clean and restore your damaged items in Orange County.

And don’t worry, the Esporta cleaning system does not use harsh detergents and agents that risk harm to your family or environment. Instead, it uses only patented, environmentally-safe cleaning agents and hydraulic cleaning action to clean most soft contents.

So how can all of this benefit you, as a customer of Milestone Building Group in Orange County? Well, we can now restore 85 percent of your contents – contents that are typically determined as irreparable and to be thrown away, thereby reducing the claim to your insurance company.

If you would like more information on this Esporta system, please call us and we’ll answer any questions you have. We are here to help you!

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