Unseasonable Rain Storm – Be Ready!

This storm is early; the last time we saw a storm in early October was 1983. (AP Photo/Orange County Register, Mark Rightmire)

If you were over the rain from Tuesday, you’re going to be disappointed. The second Pacific storm of the week started this morning, and it is predicted to bring as much as .75 inches of rain and even up to three inches in the mountains.

“It’s very early for the season,” said Weather Service meteorologist Mark Moede. “Since I’ve been here, nothing this strong has arrived in the first week of October. And I’ve been here 15 years.”

This storm is also bringing colder weather because it’s a storm from the Gulf of Alaska. These are more typically seen in winter, but then again, it’s not the first sign of odd or unusual weather this year!

Luckily, the storm should not last past Thursday; we’ll see some warmer and dryer weather on Friday and through the weekend. (Beware: If any rainwater has leaked into your home, the following warm weather can be a recipe for quick mold growth!)

Watch out for leaks at your Orange County home and office, and call us if you see the tiniest drip! We know full well that when you see a little water, there’s a lot more that you can’t see—it’s a bit like an iceberg in that way.

Also watch out for damp walls, especially interior walls. If you have planters adjacent to one of your home’s walls, watch out for oversaturation, which can lead to interior leakage, moisture in the walls, and eventually mold.

If you’re worried about an area of your Orange County house that was damp last winter with all the flooding and rain, please give us a call. Not only can we set you up with restoration, we can take care of the remodeling for you too.

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