Does Your Renter’s Insurance Cover Water Damage?

A faucet is innocent enough, until your neighbor in the next apartment leaves theirs on all night and floods YOUR apartment! Photo: Idea go

When it comes to renter’s insurance in Orange County, water damage can be hit or miss, depending on the situation and the type of policy. Since water damage is such a common problem, some policies will only cover exterior damage and sometimes the interior structure of the building, but do not cover your personal possessions. Also, if floods are common in your area, it can be left up to you to get flood insurance tacked on to your current policy. Either way, the first and most important step is to learn what your renter’s insurance policy says.

Take a look at the paperwork you signed when you started your lease.

  • Does the policy include coverage for natural disasters?
  • Is the property owner responsible for any water damage done to your Orange County apartment or complex?
  • Are they also liable for your possessions?

These are the kinds of details you should look for when reading your policy. Discuss it with your landlord if you have questions or need clarification. The last thing you want is to come home with a load of groceries only to stumble into your newly filled living room “pool”.

Many renter’s insurance policies contain an exception: they will not cover you if water damage was inflicted on your Orange County rental because you neglected to properly maintain an appliance. But if your neighbor decides to ignore that leaky sink of his, and a sudden explosion of water and furniture bursts through your wall, that would be a different story.

Fire is another reason to have renter’s insurance for water damage. Recently, a woman living in an apartment complex had a small grease fire on her kitchen stovetop. The apartment complex’s fire sprinklers put out the fire quickly, but by the time the local fire department arrived and shut off the sprinklers, the complex had already sustained $15,000 in water damage.

If you have discovered a water leak in your rental, or suffered a heavy blow from your neighbor’s attention-deprived dishwasher, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our trained professionals operate 24/7 in Orange County and can respond to emergency situations for immediate quarantine and clean-up.

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