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Fire Marshal’s Tips for Fireworks Safety

Although there are many places in California that have banned personal firework use, choosing to pay for a large public fireworks display instead, there are state-approved fireworks for sale in some cities. And although there are hard statistics that show that these fireworks reduce the number of injuries, it is only prudent to nevertheless address […]

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Tankless Water Heaters – Pros and Cons

Many properties in other countries already use tankless, or “on-demand”, water heaters in most new-build properties, because let’s face it—in a cold English winter, you want hot water, and you want it NOW. But here in sunny Orange County, we rarely have to endure cold weather—and before you start complaining about how cold you get […]

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Dealing with Insurance After Your House Burns Down

Right now there are several fires raging across California. As we write this, the BART public transport system has been shut down in the Oakland area of San Francisco.  People’s homes and businesses are being burnt to the ground at this very moment and many of their important documents are being destroyed. Those documents would […]

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Grilling and Campfire Safety for Orange County Residents

There’s not much better than grilling outside during the summer months. Not only does it keep the house cooler because you don’t have the stove and oven going, it also gives mom a break by making dad do some of the cooking. Often the weekends and holidays are when the grill is most popular. And […]

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