Save Money with an Energy-Efficient Water Heater

We recommend that you have a professional plumber install your water heater and strap it correctly.

When we see car ads on television, they’re always talking about gas mileage you can get from the vehicle. It’s certainly something that’s near and dear to our hearts here in Orange County—with little to no public transport, we are very attached to our cars.

But we’re also concerned about high energy bills, especially now in the summer when many Orange County residents are running their air conditioners more than ever. But did you know that 25% of each dollar spent on energy in our home goes to heat water? That’s 25¢ on the dollar.Think about it: Even in the summer, we use the dishwasher, take showers, wash clothes….all of that takes hot water.

So when you purchase a hot water heater, that 25¢ should be in the forefront of your mind. May not seem like much, but your average water heater lasts 13 years, which means that purchase is actually quite important. Even if your new water heater saves you only $1 a month in energy costs, you’ll save over $150 in its lifetime. Wouldn’t you want one that saves you more?

One option is a tankless water heater. To learn more about tankless water heaters, read our previous blog. If you have a large family or a large Orange County property, however, tankless water heaters are probably not the best choice for you. At this point your choice is between solar hot water heaters (which we’ll talk about later), or an electric vs. gas water heater.

If you live in California, you should definitely look most closely at a gas water heater, as it costs 3x more to heat the same amount of water with electricity as it does with gas. Check to make sure you have natural gas set up in your home, perhaps for your stove or furnace. Perhaps you just have an electrical outlet at the hot water heater, and no gas line running to it. We can easily help you get a gas line run to your hot water heater if you decide that gas is the most economical way to go.

Do you have any further questions about hot water heaters and energy conservation? Please give us a call and we’ll do all we can to help. If you’re considering a new water heater for a remodel of your Orange County home, please contact us for an estimate on the remodel—we’re not just water and fire restoration experts, we’re also licensed and bonded contractors with years of experience in residential construction and remodeling.

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