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Inspect Your Roof Before Winter

Even though our Orange County winter won’t be as bad as what our friends in the midwest will likely experience, we should nevertheless be bracing for an El Niño. Last year we had an La Niña winter, meaning it was dry and fairly warm. El Niño is the exact opposite. There are varying degrees of […]

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How to Prevent Car Fires

It’s not just homes, businesses, and forests that can catch fire. Remember around the New Year of 2011/2012, when that lunatic was running around Los Angeles setting cars on fire? Not only did this man destroy several cars, but the cars were in carports or parking structures that also caught on fire—and that caused a […]

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How to Prepare for Earthquakes and Mudslides

Every month we see something on the news that makes us at Milestone Building Group think about how we could be more prepared. We had some earthquakes last month here in Southern California, some wildfires in the Riverside area, Northern California has experienced some wildfires that caused evacuations, and of course Hurricane Issac battered the […]

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Fire Safety Tips for Your College Student

This post goes out to all those parents who have dropped off one of their children at a college campus over the past few weeks. While they are excited and thrilled to be on their own and embarking on a new phase of education and independence, you may be worried sick about what happens to […]

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