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Keep Your Trick-or-Treaters Safe

Not much will prevent our Orange County kids from donning their favorite costumes and going trick-or-treating. Even though it’s not like we’re going to let apples with razorblades pass by our eagle eye, there are still a few things that we’d like to remind you this Halloween so the REAL scary stuff doesn’t happen.  (more…)

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Orange County Halloween Fire Safety Tips

No child can resist the lure of Halloween, it seems. And why not? Besides the promise of bags and bags of candy and treats, they get to dress up as their favorite princess, superhero, or character. It’s when the whole nation comes together to let their alter egos run free! Because children get so excited […]

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What to Do After Disaster Strikes Your Home

You may think that just because we’re in beautiful Orange County, where usually not much happens in the way of disasters, we’re safe from people who prey on the misfortunes of others. Sadly, you’ll be wrong. Although we don’t have hurricanes, flooding rivers, tornadoes or blizzards, we DO have wildfires, mudslides and earthquakes…and criminals who […]

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Facts and Prevention for House Fires

At Milestone Building Group, we take Orange County house fires very seriously. We genuinely care about Orange County residents and their families, and do everything we can to prevent you from ever having to call us. But disasters do happen, and in case of a fire in your home, we want you to know where […]

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Disaster Mitigation Plans for Your Business

  Whether or not you agree with the claims about global warming, you can’t deny a few facts about the weather from the past few years. And finally, groups like the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) are trying to be proactive. Let’s have a recap on extreme weather events […]

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