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Welcome to Milestone Building Group – your #1 choice for Lake Forest water damage restoration!

If your home is damaged by flooding or leaks, have no fear – we are here to help. Our 24-Hour Emergency Response team is standing by, ready to serve you when your Lake Forest home is damaged by water. We don’t wait because we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to water damage restoration. Waiting even just a few hours can make a big difference in the amount of damage (and therefore cost of repairs) to your Lake Forest home.

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured California contractor. Our professionals are knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate during your difficult time. We also understand the insurance process and will navigate that maze so you don’t have to!

Lake Forest Water Removal

The first step in water damage restoration is water removal. Whereas the water removal process used to take many days because you had to rely on open windows and time to air-dry the waterlogged home and materials, now we have specific equipment and techniques to fast-track this process. After removing all standing water and unwanted moisture, we use our turbo air dryers and powerful dehumidifiers to quickly dry out all waterlogged materials in your Lake Forest home.

We will thoroughly inspect for any signs of mold damage, then repair and restore your Lake Forest home to its beautiful, comfortable, pre-damage condition.

Lake Forest Water Damage Restoration

Milestone Building Group has a team of experts ready to restore your Lake Forest home after it has been damaged by water. Water damage may be caused by any of the following:

  • roof leaks
  • slab leaks
  • plumbing leaks
  • burst pipes
  • dishwasher or washing machine malfunctions
  • backed up drainage pipes
  • overflowing septic tank
  • poor drainage in yard
  • broken gutter downspouts
  • and more.

We are staunch advocates of taking precautions and being proactive to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. We recommend regular inspections of roofs and plumbing, and maintenance on home appliances. Water damage can permeate your home within minutes, and within hours cause irreparable damage to your Lake Forest home.

Contact Milestone Building Group as soon as you discover your home leak and our 24-Hour Emergency Response professionals will come to your home and get to work immediately to remove all unwanted water, diagnose and repair the source of the water damage, and restore your home.

Lake Forest Mold Remediation

Sometimes in the case of water damage, homeowners may attempt to remove the water themselves and not reach all the hidden moisture and mold is able to flourish. Other times they have had poor ventilation for so long that the humidity fosters mold growth. Perhaps their roof was damaged from high winds and during the next rainfall water seeped in. Whatever the case may be, mold can begin to flourish within about 48 hours, given the right conditions. Those conditions are:

  • moisture
  • humidity/warmth
  • food source

Mold’s food sources include wood, fabric and upholstery, grime from body oils and soap scum in the bathroom, and other porous materials.

If you smell a moldy, musty smell anywhere in your home, or if you or your family members are suffering any ill health effects while at home, contact Milestone immediately to begin your mold remediation project. We will find and repair the source of the mold and remove all existing mold. We will also provide the education and tools you need to prevent future moisture problems and mold growth.

Contact Milestone Building Group today for all your water damage restoration, water removal, mold remediation, and fire damage restoration needs in Lake Forest.

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