Mold Remediation Orange County

Homes with mold don’t have mold problems; they have moisture problems. If your Orange County home has recently suffered from water damage, one very important consideration in the water removal and water damage restoration process is to inspect for mold. Given the proper conditions, mold can grow and flourish in your home without you even knowing it.

To grow and thrive, mold requires the following:

  • Moisture (including humidity)
  • A food source
  • Oxygen
  • Temperatures between 32 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit (Be aware though, low or freezing temperatures do not kill mold; the spores simply lie dormant until temperatures rise.) The optimal temperature for mold growth is 70-90 degrees – sound familiar, Orange County homeowners?

If your home has been flooded, mold can grow in the drywall, paper, fabrics, couches, beds, or other porous materials. We recommend everyone routinely clear their home of that excess “stuff” being stored in your attic, garage or closets to minimize the “food” for potential mold.

Unwanted moisture can result from any of the following:

  • Flooding
  • Roof leaks. Often in Orange County our wind-driven rain can damage shingles and cause water to get under them.
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Relative humidity of 50% or higher
  • Damp or dusty conditions
  • Clothes dryers vented indoors. (Be sure your clothes dryer has a vent to the outside!)
  • Poor ventilation/Stagnant air
  • Leaky windows

Mold can cause health problems in healthy individuals, and worsen the health of those with weakened immune systems. At particular risk are infants and children, the elderly, and individuals with allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions, and immune deficiencies. If you notice that you or your family members are suffering from unknown health problems (which may improve when not in the home), mold may be the culprit.

Milestone Building Group can handle all your mold remediation safely and effectively. We will inspect for mold – and, more importantly – its source(s), then repair the sources of unwanted moisture and thoroughly dry and remove all mold from your Orange County home. We will also educate you how best to protect your home and avoid moisture problems in the future.

Contact the experts at Milestone Building Group today. We are ready to get your Orange County home safe for your family once again!

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