Sewage Clean-Up Orange County

Sewage leaks and spills require proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures by experts. Raw sewage contains biological agents such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause serious illness and even death. For your safety, we do not recommend attempting sewage cleanup on your own. Milestone Building Group is certified in safe and effective sewage cleanup procedures.

Keep in mind, heavy rainfall may result in floodwaters that have been contaminated by sewage as well. Be careful to not assume floodwaters are safe.

In the event of a sewage leak or spill at your Orange County home or business, first and foremost minimize any contact with the floodwater or anything that has or may have been contaminated. Keep children and pets away from any potentially contaminated areas, and contact Milestone Building Group right away. Our team of professionals is experienced in the proper sewage handling and cleanup techniques and will return your Orange County home to its safe, pre-disaster condition as quickly as possible.

For immediate assistance call (855) 624-7665 or contact us here.

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