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Is There Mold in Your Child’s School?

As your kids prepare for their winter break from school, we wanted to remind you about mold in Orange County schools. Why is that important? Because, like Matthew Asseline of Winsted, Connecticut, your kids might be sick while in school, but energetic and active when they’re not.This may not have to do with not wanting […]

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Do You Have Mold in Your Orange County Home?

Mold in your Orange County home can cause¬†dangerous health problems to you and your family. If your home has been subjected to flooding, leaks, or water damage recently, then it is at risk for mold growth! Orange County can be a breeding ground for mold, as it requires a food source (your home), moisture (leaks, […]

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Be Careful, Mold Can be Tricky to Spot

You might overlook that little black patch growing in the corner of your room, thinking it’s harmless. We all want to believe that our Orange County homes are safe and clean, but what you might not know is that little black patch could be mold, proliferating before your very eyes and sprouting health risks in […]

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