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Call a Professional to Clean Up Water Leaks or Overflows

Has this ever happened to you? The washing machine hose leaks all over the floor, the toilet overflows, your teenager plugged the sink and left the water running…and you diligently mop it all up thinking, “Whew! That could have been a lot worse!” Well, bad news. It probably was a lot worse than you thought. Most […]

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Floods and Fires in Southern California – Look to the Strange Weather

Areas of Orange County and Southern California saw some very unusual weather on Saturday – while other areas didn’t change a wink other than maybe some clouds. In Corona, for example, emergency dispatchers stated that the lightning caused numerous fires. Firefighters were called upon to respond to the situation, helping people at home and at […]

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National Preparedness Month – Learn to Take Advantage in September

Happy National Preparedness Month! We are probably more excited than we should be, but September is officially National Preparedness Month and for southern California residents, this is the perfect time to prepare. While east coast folks are starting to bundle up and prepare for winter weather, down here in Orange County, our weather is getting […]

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California’s Fire Season, Back Again

The East Coast is still experiencing floods, but the weather has been extremely dry out here in Southern California. In fact, yesterday, the Highland Community News reported that over the last week, it’s been very busy for both CAL FIRE and the firefighters throughout the state.  Evidently, there has been a significant increase in sweeping […]

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Extreme Property Damage Due to Mississippi River Flooding

November has not been kind to residents in Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee along the Mississippi river. Major flooding has been brought on due to record rainfalls in the central US and the resulting downriver outpour. The extent of the damage is yet to be determined, but it is estimated to be substantial. Entire neighborhoods are […]

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