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Tips to Prevent Flooding in Your Home

It was difficult for us in Southern California to understand the devastation left behind on the East Coast by Hurricane Sandy, especially as Orange County residents enjoyed record temperatures in October and November. We actually went out to New Jersey to help, and it was no joke—the Eastern Seaboard got hit hard. But just think […]

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Santa Ana Winds and Warm Weather Can Help Mold Grow

Um, is it August? The Santa Ana winds are so pervasive this year–right now it feels like the height of summer, not the depths of winter. Many other areas of the nation, like Alabama, are facing extreme weather right now, and Washington was just ravaged with winter storms that brought most of the state to […]

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Southern California Edison Causes Power Outage

Southern California Edison has done it again—the power is out for customers in the Southland. Thankfully, it’s not as many as in November when the winds destroyed power lines, or when San Diego Gas and Electric had that major shutdown in September, but over 1,400 customers are without power in Corona. The power went out […]

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Don’t Be Fooled, Even Minor Wind Can Damage Your Roof

The windstorms in Southern California may not seem too dangerous, especially if your home or roof hasn’t been hit by branches and other debris, but don’t be so sure your roof is left unscathed. Wind can damage a roof in many ways without the aid of branches and other flying objects, and your Orange County […]

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Red Flag Warning For High Winds in Orange County

It may be getting colder in the mornings, but that doesn’t mean wildfires aren’t still a danger. In fact, we’ve had Santa Ana winds lately, and those dry winds combined with the sun-dried hillsides in parts of Orange County are prime for wildfire action. Case in point: This morning a brush fire burned about five […]

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National Preparedness Month – Learn to Take Advantage in September

Happy National Preparedness Month! We are probably more excited than we should be, but September is officially National Preparedness Month and for southern California residents, this is the perfect time to prepare. While east coast folks are starting to bundle up and prepare for winter weather, down here in Orange County, our weather is getting […]

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