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The Risk of Using Unlicensed Contractors

Saving money sounds good, but when it comes to home repairs, you must decide: Do you want to save money now, or later? What most Orange County homeowners don’t realize is that unlicensed contractors are cheaper for multiple reasons. The obvious one is that they do not acquire a bond to protect their work and […]

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Test Your Home Maintenance Knowledge!

Sometimes it’s called a “Honeydo” list. You know the one—”Honey, can you unclog the drain?” or “Honey, can you fix the roof?” It’s easy to ignore the Honeydo list, but it is essential. Why? Because staying on top of home maintenance is a lot easier and cheaper than fixing it when something goes wrong. Your […]

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Prevent Water Damage in Your Orange County Home: Part One

There are ways to prevent water damage in your home that are just common sense—don’t let your 5-year-old run the bath water for themselves (also a safety issue!), or hire a professional to install your windows so you know they are watertight. But there are less obvious ways to prevent water damage by regularly checking […]

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How and Why to Strap Your Water Heater to the Wall

Besides great weather, beaches, and movie stars, California is certainly known for its earthquakes. And because of that, California state law requires that any new or used water heater sold on or after July 1, 1991 to be strapped securely to a wall. NO exceptions are allowed for any home, public building, or multi-family property, […]

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